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Domestic RHI launches

The Domestic RHI (or dRHI as it is being shortened to) launched on Wednesday 9th April 2014. This incentive... read more

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Biomass boilers, heat pumps and solar PV

Myriad - Solar
Rural Energy finalist in two categories for H&V News Awards 2014
Rural Energy
Myriad - Heat Pumps

Myriad CEG offers three robust renewable technologies: biomass boilers, heat pumps and solar PV to provide the best solution for your renewable energy requirements.

We offer a dependable and cost-effective service, enabling you to maximise on both the returns and efficiency of your investment. Myriad CEG specialises in the provision of 10kW-16MW renewable energy systems including biomass boilers, heat pump systems and commercial solar PV into the following markets:

  • New build and retrofit construction supply chain
  • Industrial and commercial projects
  • Public sector (hospitals, schools, retirement homes, MOD etc)
  • Agricultural, poultry estates and large houses

The UK's 'Renewable Roadmap' combined with planning requirements, building regulations and acarbon reduction targets, is driving the increasing need for renewable energy systems here in the UK. This is where Myriad CEG can provide a solution.

When these factors are coupled with the financial returns available from the Government-backed Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive, the cost-effective nature of renewable energy becomes quite clear.

We know it can be difficult to manouvre through planning permissions, choosing a renewable technology, design constraints and equipment suppliers.

Myriad CEG has the ability to source the right renewable solution for every individual need and we can select the best equipment available to ensure that the most effective product is chosen.

Find out about Government incentive schemes:

Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) became available in Great Britain on 1st April 2010, the scheme guarantees a minimum payment for all electricity generated by a commercial solar PV system. About... read more

The British Government has committed to meet stringent carbon reduction targets in the UK Renewables Roadmap, Heat Strategy programmes and the Renewable Heat Incentive for renewable... read more

Reduce your heating costs with Biomass & the RHI:

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As one of the leading renewable energy specialists in the UK, Myriad CEG provides carbon reducing solutions across a broad range of sectors in the UK. Through developing, designing, installing, commissioning and maintaning these technologies we have a reputationwe are very proud of for delivering a high quality service that can be adapted to suit all environments.

As a group we offer:

  • Commercial and industrial biomass heating systems. Rural Energy's range of biomass boilers include high end wood pellet boilers and wood chip boilers.
  • Solar PV energy. Myriad Solar offers turnkey photovoltaic solutions for commercial solar PV installations.
  • Sustainable heat pump heating. Using commercial ground source heat pumps, air source and water source technology we provide solutions for both heating and cooling.

We also offer an exclusive range of Herz biomass boilers. Rural Energy are mainland Britain's sole Herz distributor. These systems are ideal for commercial, large scale and agricultural applications and extremely popular in the construction supply chain thanks to their excellent design quality.

Our renewable solutions have been used within both the commercial and public sector, with many projects in the construction industry for the built environment. Tailoring our service to meet specific needs means that we have experience in a broad range of different industries: from education and supermarkets to farms, housing developments, the National Health Service, luxury hotels, Network Rail and the Ministry of Defence.