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Domestic RHI launches

The Domestic RHI (or dRHI as it is being shortened to) launched on Wednesday 9th April 2014. This incentive... read more

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Biomass Boilers and Biomass Heating from Rural Energy

Rural Energy, established in 2002, is a leading expert in commercial and industrial biomass boiler heating systems having installed in excess of 620 heating system projects.

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Our biomass heating services:

  • Commercial, industrial and large scale biomass boiler projects up to 16MW
  • Site surveys and full feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Detailed technical design of biomass boiler plant rooms, fuel stores and pipework
  • Supply and installation of fuel feed systems, storage, boilers and heating circuits
  • Commissioning, servicing and maintenance from a dedicated department

The Natural Choice For Biomass Boilers

We offer unrivalled technical expertise providing the best solutions in renewable biomass heating in the UK. Download our Capability Statement here.

We offer a range of commercial and industrial wood pellet and biomass boilers to the UK from leading industry suppliers Herz and Kohlbach. Our range of boilers can accommodate a number of fuel types including wood chip, wood pellet and also log, and are suitable for a range of power outputs; from domestic heating to large industrial and commercial heating, hot water and CHP systems.

We have dedicated biomass heating technical sales, technical design, project management, servicing, commissioning and maintenance departments.

Alongside this we offer packaged solutions known as the Heat Pod and Heat Hub. These meet your biomass heating needs without all the on-site construction. A two-in-one solution with a biomass boiler and fuel store in one, these house biomass boilers up to 1MW. A 'packaged plant room' is a popular choice that allows our clients to get on with the running of their business and their daily routine without the potential disruption installing a biomass boiler can sometimes have. 

The Heat Pod and Heat Hub are ideal for businesses, education, healthcare and more in the move to reduce carbon footprints. These provide renewable and affordable biomass heating solutions in a package that is fabricated off-site and delivered by Rural Energy. Find out more about the Heat Pod and Heat Hub here.

Find out how incentives introduced by the government can help you significantly reduce your energy costs read more

Our Boilers

Rural Energy has established a close partnership with leading boiler manfacturers Herz and Kohlbach. These biomass boilers are of the highest quality and the best value in the industry and include:

  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Open protocol

Fuel Feed Systems & Storage

How the fuel is delivered from the vehicle into the store can vary widely from site to site and also from fuel to fuel. For instance, pellets are usually ‘blown’ into the fuel store whereas the majority of wood chip deliveries are tipped. Rural Energy have developed innovative solutions which minimise both delivery time and capital costs. In the early design stages it is important to establish where in relation to the boiler the fuel store can be sited, bearing in mind vehicle access and constraints on auger lengths and angles whilst ensuring the fuel is automatically fed at the correct rate.

To find out more about our fuel feed systems click here.

To find out information on which biomass boiler is right for you, use our biomass configurator.

Biomass Further Reading

Rural Energy is a Myriad CEG company. As one of the leading renewable energy specialists in the UK, Myriad CEG provides carbon reducing solutions across a broad range of sectors in the UK. Through developing, designing, installing, commissioning and maintaning these technologies we have a reputationwe are very proud of for delivering a high quality service that can be adapted to suit all environments.

As a group we offer:

We also offer an exclusive range of Herz biomass boilers. Rural Energy are mainland Britain's sole Herz distributor. These systems are ideal for commercial, large scale and agricultural applications and extremely popular in the construction supply chain thanks to their excellent design quality.

Our renewable solutions have been used within both the commercial and public sector, with many projects in the construction industry for the built environment. Tailoring our service to meet specific needs means that we have experience in a broad range of different industries: from education and supermarkets to farms, housing developments, the National Health Service, luxury hotels, Network Rail and the Ministry of Defence.