News - December 2014

Changes to the RHI in 2015: we report on the essential figures

We have had news on the final decision on Renewable Heat Incentive tariff changes occurring in 2015. At first,... read more

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Domestic Installations

Lincolnshire Cottage

Biomass fuel type: Pellets Boiler model and output: Herz Pelletstar 20kW Expected annual fuel consumption: 200-250 x 25 kg bags loaded into hopper. Features: Outhouse location, integrated pellet hopper, underground pipe work. With an ideal... Read the full case study

Hertfordshire Country Home

Biomass fuel type: Wood chip Boiler model and output: Herz Firematic 50kW Expected annual fuel consumption: Approx. 35 tonnes at 30% moisture content. Features: Turnkey project, barn converted to energy centre, underground pipework with provision... Read the full case study

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