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Rural Energy MD is voted into the Wood Heat Association board

Rural Energy MD, Paul Clark, is elected to the newly formed Wood Heat Association board. read more

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How is the fuel delivered?

types of wood fuel delivery for commercial biomass boilers Herz UK

Rural Energy work to find the most local of our recommended wood fuel suppliers to your location in order to keep woodfuel as carbon neutral as possible in its delivery. Delivery is primarily an access issue (can a delivery vehicle gain access?) However delivery options may be linked to fuel types and how these can be delivered.

Suppliers deliver your woodfuels using a pneumatic lorry. Once it has arrived on site, the lorry tips at the end closest to the driver's cab, allowing the fuel to slide down to one end of the storage container. Depending on what sort of fuel storage is best for you, the lorry may directly tip its contents into a storage facility, such as a below ground chip store or a packaged plant room. Wood chip is usually tipped and conveyed or delivered in prefilled containers.

Alternatively, still tipped, the fuel can be fed through a pipe to the storage area. Wood pellets can be blown through a pipe from as much as 12 metres away from the storage, which could work best for your kind of site.

We can also supply 10kg bagged brites pellets.

If you have any further questions around the delivery of your fuel supply then please contact us.