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Biomass Loans & Financing

The emphasis from central Government is shifting away from providing loans for biomass installation, to providing funds to encourage use of biomass fuels.

The major initiative is called Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and can provide finance to bring capital expenditure payback down to 4 or 5 years. However the initial capital cost can be met by other routes.

Tailored Biomass Finance Packages

Rural Energy is able to offer tailored finance packages for biomass projects that aims to remove the up front cost from your biomass solution.

In order to offer the ideal finance solution for each individual biomass project we provide tailored packages upon enquiry that can help move a project along. These solutions includes payments structured to match the Government's RHI scheme paybacks and energy savings.

Energy Supply Arrangements (Esco)

Rural Energy is able to provide Esco arrangements for certain biomass heating projects. Essentially, the ownership of a biomass heating system remains with Rural Energy and the user makes payments for the use of the biomass heating system, thus avoiding the initial capital cost. Arrangements can be customised for the client's needs and can include the supply of wood fuel with payments being made on the basis of heat purchased.

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