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Econic are the heat pump arm of Myriad CEG. Originally based in Norfolk, our heat pump specialists now cover the country implementing projects ranging in size from huge commercial duplexes to the local church.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide heating and cooling solutions that are both cost-effective and sustainable in the long-term. With system life expectancies of at least 25 years, Econic design, install and maintain ground, air and water source heat pumps that will last. These are an ideal solution to meeting commercial carbon reduction commitments and cutting heating/cooling bills at the same time.

Heat pumps are low maintenance, highly efficient in comparison to traditional heating/cooling systems, quiet, clean and have no combustion. They are also highly flexible and can be used in tandem with other renewable technologies.

Econic is one of the UK’s leading heat pump specialists, having installed in excess of 200 open and closed loops systems. We have a team of professional geothermal, civil and geotechnical engineers to hand who design and install every system with the greatest care. Our wealth of experience means we are able to realise and often exceed the ambitions of our clients.

We currently hold the record for the deepest boreholes drilled in the UK to date, and use innovative developments like modulating ground energy collectors and new angular ground radial drilling techniques.

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Our Services

In nearly all situations we can install a heat pump with innovative applications of the technology. Our services include:

  • Design: from the seed of the project through to detailed design and site testing. Read more about our design services here.
  • Project implementation: installation services of the highest quality are vital to the success of every project, and Econic use highly qualified and experienced professionals at every site. We have extensive experiences in installing a wide variety of systems in a broad assortment of sites. Read more about our project implementation services here.
  • Aftercare: Econic recognise the importance of maintaining your heat pump system, and whilst it may need little maintenance, we offer regular service to ensure maximum operating efficiency for our clients. Our aftercare information.
  • Maintenance is also a significant part of qualification for earning the Renewable Heat Incentive. Find out more here.

Econic’s aim is to always demystify heat pump technology. Many of the people we speak to on a daily basis and at exhibitions are greatly interested in the technology but we sometimes feels that it can be seen as a complex and expensive technology. To this end our team have designed a forward-thinking web-based app called the Heat Pump Configurator. Those keen to know more about how their site can qualify for a heat pump system and the system size details can get a handy estimation of what they require with this web program. This has proven to be a highly popular way of learning more about heat pumps as there is no other program like available this online.