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News » First Renewable Heat Incentive Applications Approved by Ofgem

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First Renewable Heat Incentive Applications Approved by Ofgem

Published 1st February, 2012

An umbrella company and five holiday lets are the first two successful applicants to benefit from the Government’s low carbon heating incentive. 

Umbrella supplier, Booth Brothers in Sheffield, have entered the history books by becoming one of the first locations in the UK to get the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

The company, which is housed in an 18th century former corn mill, will benefit from an underfloor heating system powered by a renewable energy heat pump.

The other installation to be accredited is a set of holiday cottages in East Yorkshire where a ground source heat pump will provide heat and hot water.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), launched last year, aims to make it more financially attractive for industry and businesses to install low carbon heating systems like heat pumps, biomass boilers or solar thermal panels.  To download our RHI factsheet please click here

It is expected to significantly increase the number of installations in industry, the commercial and public sector and support the thousands of existing jobs in the heating sector.    

If you are interested in knowing more about heat pumps or biomass energy, please call

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“It’s great that the first two approved RHI applications involve heat pump systems” commented Steve Roberts, Sales and Marketing Director of Econic, Myriad CEG’s heat pump specialists.    “Ground source heat pumps can provide real carbon and energy cost savings in many types of buildings. The RHI now makes it a financially attractive option too”.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) opened for applications on Monday 28th November 2011. For more information on how the RHI works and how a ground source heat pump could work for you contact us at