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Domestic RHI launches

The Domestic RHI (or dRHI as it is being shortened to) launched on Wednesday 9th April 2014. This incentive... read more

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Funding Packages for Biomass and Solar PV

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Finance options for Myriad CEG's renewable project clients

There are three financial options available for customers looking to secure financial assistance for their renewable technology installation. We are currently developing these packages. If you wish to discuss these options please contact Myriad CEG to hear further information on 0203 189 0676 or

Asset Finance

The finance used when purchasing most types of plant, machinery, equipment or vehicles. No security (other than the asset) is taken and each application is underwritten and approved on the strength of your credit history and ability to service the debt via your day to day business activities.

Farm Secured Finance

Similar to any commercial mortgage. The loan is secured against the farm, commercial property, land, secondary property or stocks and share portfolios.

Feed In Tarrif Secured Finance

A scheme developed with the emergence of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme. Designed so the lend is secured to the FiTS revenue stream by way of a "step in right" with a chattel mortgage on the asset itself.

Each finance package is tailored to each client. Please contact us on 0203 189 0676 or to find out more about your options.