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Domestic RHI launches

The Domestic RHI (or dRHI as it is being shortened to) launched on Wednesday 9th April 2014. This incentive... read more

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Domestic RHI launches

Published 9th April, 2014

The Domestic RHI (or dRHI as it is being shortened to) launched on Wednesday 9th April 2014. This incentive programme will give domestic heat users the opportunity to seek funding from the Government to offset the cost of installing low carbon systems such as biomass.

Applications opened at 8am on the 9th after Greg Barker, Minister for Energy, announced the launch on Twitter the night before. The dRHI has been in development since the launch of the non-domestic RHI scheme in November 2011.

Modelled upon the success of the non-domestic scheme, a similar framework has been utilised for the domestic launch.

Renewable heat users can now benefit from the world's first long-term financial support programme, earning paybacks for their low carbon heat usage. The scheme is open to everyone – home owners, social and private landlords, and people who build their own homes. It is available to households both on and off the gas grid.

Users who qualify can receive guaranteed payments for seven years (Northern Ireland has its own RHI scheme). 

Rural Energy is registered on the Product Eligibility List and RHI Emissions List for their qualifying Herz biomass boilers which has been announced by HETAS. It is the only Government-approved domestic renewable heat list and the go-to list of suppliers for anyone looking into biomass heating for their home OR business.

You can find our HETAS listing here and read more: Eligibility | RHI emissions