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Renewable News & Events from Myriad CEG » November's New Solar Feed-in Tariffs

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November's New Solar Feed-in Tariffs

Published 1st November, 2012

The Department for Energy and Climate Change announced this Summer that the Feed-in Tariff rates for Solar PV change on November 1st.

Starting this November, on the domestic scale installations smaller than 4kW FiT rate will be 15.44p per kWh produced.

The small commercial scale installations between 4-10kW will have a FiT rate of 13.99p.

From the start of November for larger scale commercial installations the tariff rates will be 11.5p per kWh for between 50-150kW in size, 11p for between 150-250kW installations and 7.1p for between 250kW-5MW installations.

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