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Domestic RHI launches

The Domestic RHI (or dRHI as it is being shortened to) launched on Wednesday 9th April 2014. This incentive... read more

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What we can do for your biomass, solar or heat pum

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Myriad CEG provides a full range of services to clients across the UK. This gives our clients the opportunity to choose which of our services suits them best: a turnkey solution with our input from day one of the project; or we can provide solutions such as design, project management or commissioning (and more) individually.

For each of these options we have a dedicated department to supply full support on each project. Within each department our clients can tailor their requests so that we always meet their needs without anything extra. This also allows us to guide clients or consultants who may need more support and advice on their biomass, heat pump or solar PV system.

Furthermore we are often approached and asked about ESCO contracts or finance options. We have been developing close relationships with reliable funding sources as this is a growing sector. Since each packaged is tailored to the project it is recommended that you contact our sales team directly so that we can give guidance according to your requirements.

Ultimately Myriad CEG has the resources to meet your needs: be it on a full project scale or stepping in to provide project management or finance support. Simply contact us today to find out more.